Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok, so it turns out people have been posting comments on here. Although I have the settings configured such that I am to be receiving an email whenever someone leaves a comment, uh, turns out I haven't been getting them. Instead they've been waiting in some kind of comment purgatory until I accept or reject them. So good news - today I accepted them all, except the spam ones (no spam! just bacon!).

HOWEVER, for some reason, I can't actually see which post you're commenting on, so I can't reply to the comments without going through the entire blog. So, to the people who wanted my contact info - it's on the right side of the page (and always has been) - kasiab at gmail dot com. To the person who asked what kind of submissions I'm looking for - uh, read the blog. That kind. Whatever bacon related stuff you've got. And to the person who left a long post about being in a labor camp and the food being terrible; I have no idea what inspired that comment, or what in the hell you're talking about. Sorry.

Anyhow, I reminded blogger that I want to get emails (by deleting and re-entering my email address), and at least now I know to look out for comments that need moderating (heh heh), so feel free to leave some comments.

As a side note, goddamnit, what the hell is wrong with blogger? My other blog gets emails about comments but won't post to my GoogleBuzz - no matter how many times I've told it to - this one posts to Buzz but won't tell me about comments. ARGH.

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