Saturday, February 28, 2009

some links

I know, I know, I've been terrible about updating. I didn't even post anything about Bacon Explosion, which is probably horrible remiss of me, except it seemed like damn near everybody had heard of it anyhow.

A strange thing about this blog is that whenever I neglect it, I suddenly start getting emails from people with links. As though the universe was like NOOOOOO! You have to persevere!!!!


The editors of what has got to be one of the more fantastic bacon projects out there, Bacon Haikus, sent me a link to their site. Haikus are pretty much always hilarious, except when they're precious and profound, and yeah, it's a great site. One of my favorite haikus, though it violates the laws of form:
The mystery meat
meets man's meat of record
Heart doctors weep out loud.

Moving right along, Aaron sends me a link to his bacon blog, iheartbaconsalt

Heather writes to say that her book, Bacon, A Love Story will be available soon, and includes a link to her blog, Bacon Unwrapped, and to Bacon Nation, a virtual community whose members are united by their love for croquet. 

So thanks to all for dropping me a line and sharing your wonderful bacon projects, not to mention, giving me something to post about. In the meantime, I do have some more bacon recipes to try out in the near future, so hopefully I'll be better about updating soon...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just add bacon will add a big slab of bacon to any website.

Just insert it before the url of your intended site - for instance - and bam, the screen becomes a good 5 times for interesting.

(Thanks to Katie for the tip)