Friday, September 28, 2012

Pork from Poland

Thinking of pork shortages, check out the bounty I received from my mother recently (she flew here from Poland):
A pile of kabanosy, similar to slim jims but much, much tastier (some of these are actually made of goose, not pork, but whatever);
A whole log of my favorite coldcut in the world, kindziuk. Porky, spicy deliciousness. I've only ever seen it in Poland, but it's a Lithuanian food. The internetz inform me that it's a fermented sausage that is smoked but not cooked. And that it's legendary for its longevity. I hadn't realized this, so mine is sliced and wrapped in separate little bundles in the freezer, along with the other pork I brought from the States.
The kabanosy, I've eaten already. They exude a powerful porky smell, and I was worried that they'd offend my cleaning lady.

In case you were worried

Slate explains the alleged upcoming pork shortage.