Monday, July 6, 2009

the inventor of bacon and eggs

Martin informs me that Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! mentioned bacon this week. Roxanne was asked which intellectual came up with bacon and eggs. Peter also explains how they were "invented". It can be found here, under Panel Round Two. It starts at about 2:15. I won't ruin it for you - you have to find out for yourself.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bacon and spaghetti

Really, few things in the world are so tasty as bacon and onion fried together. It's one of those elementary dualities, like chocolate and vanilla, bread and butter, Bert and Ernie. It's great on potatoes, pierogi, fried rice, and, if you're living on the cheap - spaghetti.

All you really need is some chopped bacon and chopped onion, fried together. If you're using Irish rashers, you also need some butter in the pan - American bacon provides enough fat of its own. For an extra treat, roll the drained noodles in the pan to collect additional goodness.

If you wanna be _really_ lazy, there's an even simpler option, namely, Dolmio's pre-made sauces. I am generally opposed to pre-made pasta sauces, because they're usually flavorless pap laden with preservatives. What's the point? Just buy a can of tomatoes and spice it up.
Dolmio's smoked bacon and tomato sauce is not so different from my own bacon arabiatta, but it has a more pronounced smoky flavor. And it's more saucy (heh heh), and sometimes you want something properly liquid, you know?

So yes, I approve of Dolmio sauces. At under 2 euro a pop, as well, they're a fantastic deal. My only real beef is that they claim it's 2 servings worth, which is just silly. It's dinner for one. Their other sauces, by the way, are also quite good - but this one was the best.