Friday, December 3, 2010

Some pig!

Jared van Camp, the chef at Chicago's Old Town Social*, has a charcuterie blog that is seriously awesome. Detailed photo entries on how to make various pig-related things. There are only 5 entires, and the last update was in April, but hopefully he'll get back into it. I should warn you, perhaps - the pictures are pretty graphic. If you're not read to see a roll of charcuterie with the snout still attached, or some de-boned pig carcasses, do not click on the link. For everyone else though: Some Pig!

*Which is a strange kind of place. It's basically the classiest sports bar you'll ever go to. In other words, there are tvs everywhere, they are showing sports, there are tons of people around watching them, and it's loud as shit. Strange, because otherwise, the interior and menu is more reminiscent of a nice gastro-pub. I understand that people may want to watch sports in a classy place. My point, I guess, is that if you're not interested in watching sports, this might not be the place for you, despite the fact that the food is great.