Friday, March 5, 2010

Bacon Apple Sage Stuffing

My friends and I recently had Second Thanksgiving, which gave me a chance to try this Bacon Apple Sage Stuffing recipe that I randomly found online awhile ago. I love stuffing, but I've never tried making it before, so I was a little nervous. I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, and here are my thoughts:

1. Stuffing doesn't seem like stuffing without celery. If I were making this again, I'd probably add some.

2. It's really quite dry. I baked it in a pan not a turkey, so that's part of the problem (though I added extra broth as per recipe), but I thought it was a bit too dry. On the other hand, my friend James told me that his favorite thing about the stuffing was that it was so nice and dry, making it a good vehicle for gravy, and generally stuffings are way too moist. So who knows.

3. The parsley seemed unnecessary. But I'm probably biased, because I really don't like parsley very much.

4. The apples were a fantastic addition, nice surprise amongst the bread chunks, and wonderfully moist.

5. Oh! It's worth noting though, that I ended up having to bake it in ceramic dishes (my metal pans seem to have mysteriously vanished), which meant that I actually baked it for an hour rather than 30 minutes. That might be the real cause of the dryness.

6. Overall - the flavor combinations were fantastic. The bacon definitely added a certain oomph, and the apples and sage and onions went together beautifully. I bet it would be really fantastic if you actually shoved it into the bird and baked it that way.

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