Friday, April 8, 2011

Bacon Draws for the ladiez

Via Charlie, bacon panties for the ladies.

These are fairly standard, run-of-the-mill bacon fan undergarments:

I'm not wild about the cut (if you have a large bottom, it doesn't tend to be so flattering), but the font is well chosen, and they're nice enough.

These, although there's the same design/cut issue (notice in this second picture, the tell-tale sag at the crotch, which to me always makes it seem like you've shit yourself, or consciously bought underwears that allow you the space to do so in comfort), are simultaneously awesome and somewhat sinister:

To begin with, I have a large fatty bottom, and putting a butcher's diagram on it seems a little bit unsettling. Couple that with the fact that the swine in the picture seems to be examining itself hungrily, the whole thing screams cannibalism.
...I totally want a pair.