Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pizza and Beer in NYC

My man and I spent a few days in New York, and among other culinary delights, we stopped for a slice at Ray's Pizza, where I got a bacon and pepperoni:

You'd think, by now, I'd have tried bacon on pizza, but in fact no. And it turned out to be incredibly tasty, bacon and pepperoni go well together.

Later in the evening, we stopped at Char 4, a fantastic whiskey bar in Brooklyn, and my boyfriend got one of these as a beerback:

Unfortunately I have some kind of mysterious beer allergy, so I wasn't able to partake, but I absolutely love the can.

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Anonymous said...

You might not be very popular the next day, but deep dish bacon and whole garlic clove pizza is really good. We used to get it whenever we frequented a couple of deep dish pizza joints that are sadly no longer in existence.