Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crazy for Flavour, Bacon Salt in Europe

I received a lovely email this morning from Stu, a bacon enthusiast who is working to bring bacon salt to Europe and the UK. So for those of you living in those oh-so-very deprived nations, craving some pork-free bacon flavor, here you go! Stu is also interested in bringing bacon salt to the Middle East, thinking that people there will appreciate a way to get around the ban on pork. I'm not sure I agree with him on that one. I definitely disagree with his opinion that Middle Eastern food tastes like **** to Westerners, because it happens to be one of my favorite cuisines. And I kind of wish he wouldn't promote and disseminate such harmful stereotypes, because Westerners are already awfully close-minded when it comes to trying foreign foods, and this makes it all the more difficult to find food that hasn't been dulled down to suit a Western palate. But anyways.

Also, check out the blog, Crazy 4 Flavour, which features a lot of bacon salt recipes. Personally, I think I'll be using actual bacon when I give them a try, but whatever floats your boat. The recipes are definitely incredibly delicious looking.

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Crazy 4 Flavour! said...

Yes, you're right about the "stereotypes" - we all have to be careful about that. The food in the hotel here is great, but I'd just been visiting a "labour camp" somewhere in the middle of the desert, and the food really was rough - and the same every day!

I can assure you that what was served was definitely NOT what you'd expect in a Lebanese, Thai etc restaurant - More like it gave you an idea of what poorer people in those countries get to eat on a daily basis. (perhaps even if they're lucky)

There's a very interesting mix of people too, and I have good friends in just about every national grouping, as I was working here for around 20 years.