Friday, October 3, 2008


Dan from Porkopolis sends the following email:

Hi culture_vulture,

In this age, the lack of proper support and funding for bacon research is shameful. Your efforts at rooting on through the wastelands of healthful, low fat and meatless menus is commendable. Bravo!! I'd like to suggest a few bacon related items I thought you might like to include at Theories of Bacon:

I just added a new poem to my collection in the Porkopolis Library.
"Bacon" by the cowboy poet Badger Clark:
there is also "Song of Bacon" by Roy Blount, Jr.:

Salvador Dali's "Soft Self-portrait with Grilled Bacon" is in the Art Museum:

And finally, I found this advertising image of Bacon Love at The Museum of Mid-Century Illustration.
What a fun image. Maybe you can develop a blog entry around it? We'll always have bacon...

All of the site is available for you to use for bacon research.
I'd appreciate a credit link if any ideas are spawned.

Root on,

Thanks so much Dan! Keep up the good work!

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Daniel E. said...

Thanks for including my suggestions. you are a true baconlaureate. Keep the faith, and remember, even the Creator saves bacon grease in the refrigerator.