Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar

The bacon bar has made quite a name for itself, and broadened a lot of people's horizons in terms of bacon's versatility. Pleased as I am about that, I must say, the bar itself is somewhat disappointing.

The chocolate is delicious - Vosges is a first-rate chocolatier, and their goods are always wonderfully rich and luxurious. They're generally known for adventurous combinations, especially sweet-spicy or sweet-salty pairings. In my experience, however, these tend to be less exciting than one would hope, and not nearly so delicious as their more traditional offerings - my dear friend Max had a box of the caramel marshmallows sent to me when I was recovering from knee surgery, and they rocked my world. 

Anyhow, so the bacon bar. Like I said, the chocolate is marvelous, not too sweet but with a deep, lush cocoa flavor and a perfect texture - each bite snaps off with just a hint of resistance, but melts obligingly in your mouth. As it does, there's a faint, subtle flavor of bacon. Which is marvelous, but a bit too timid for me. Ultimately, what stands out isn't the bacon, it's the smoked salt, which definitely packs a punch, though not necessarily an unpleasant one. 

It's a tasty chocolate, yes, but it's not quite the bacon bar I'm looking for. Though it does make me think that a romantic picnic could be well served with bacon strips dipped in chocolate instead of those cliche strawberries.

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