Thursday, November 13, 2008


I received a very nice email this morning from a guy named Guy (!)* at Alltop informing me that Bacon the Blog (as I call this) has been added to their update feed, and asking if I'd return the favor. Though, given that he mentions that one can display a badge of the site, and that they "serve over 250,000 badges a day" (what does it mean????**), they probably don't really need me to promote them. There's also a twitter option, if you're hip to that sort of thing. No, I am not on Twitter, and I doubt I ever will be. I find it repugnant as a concept. I have this thing called privacy, and I treasure it. ANYWAYS. Alltop is a one-stop shop for RSS Feeds on a given topic, and they've got one devoted to bacon. Linky linky linky. Good stuff.

*Apologies Guy, you probably hear lame crap like that all the time. 

**I just watched Pineapple Express, so my first thought was of Seth Rogan in a strange costume brandishing a large ham. I dunno. 


Anonymous said...

I think I have just fallen completely in love with you. Your love for bacon is inspiring. I too love bacon. I once at a full pound in a sitting, the night before a final. BAD IDEA.

ilikehedgehogs on aim, I would love to discuss bacon with you.

I also have a George Foreman Grill, it makes my bacon habit easier.

culture_vulture said...