Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scrambled Eggs

The way my dad makes 'em (yes, he did request that as his link). Simple and fantastic. I'm not providing amounts, because it really varies depending on how much you wanna make. Basically, let's say a few slices of bacon and a green onion or two for every three eggs or so, eh?

Green onions
Salt and Pepper

Coarsely chop the bacon into chunks. Drop it in a pan on med-low heat, no grease. As it cooks, chop up the green onions. Add them to the bacon. Meanwhile, crack the eggs into a bowl. Pick out the clear white booger type thingies that cling to the yolk (the umbilical cord? I dunno the name for the in english) - I normally don't do this, but my parents always do, and their scrambled eggs come out way better than mine, so maybe it's a good idea. Sprinkle with salt and plenty of pepper. Once the green onions have softened up somewhat, add the eggs and scramble.

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